Casual tripping in the 90’s – was it all actually reality?

So as we know magic mushrooms and LSD was prohibited in the 1970’s and this led to them being used ‘recreationally’, ‘underground’. Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s I was part of the ‘Rave Scene’ we would either dance all night on MDMA/Ecstasy or LSD.

I now realise they are so much more important than that.

Magic Mushrooms

The LSD and Magic Mushrooms would produce visuals of amazing colours and fractals, rolling trails of things and faces in the trees.

Once a friend and I were walking around the village and I saw a worm on the floor. I then saw millions of worms on the floor and found it hard to not walk on them.

Was this really unreal and just me ‘tripping’ or did I see the souls of the trees and the worms beneath the ground?

Did we always have this sight within us?

Now I am older and wiser and have studied Psychedelics and some philosophy and I always remember being about 6 years old and going to my parents bed in the dark after a bad dream. Lying between them in the dark as they slept I lay with my eyes open and remember seeing geometric shapes floating over me.

With modern society calling things like this ‘mad’ I feel we may all have experienced this as children, but somehow buried it in our subconscious? Who knows.

Author: PsyNurse

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