Psychedelic Drugs to be reclassified URGENTLY

Psychedelic drugs from Schedule I to Schedule II.

A group of influential MPs have said Magic mushrooms and other psychedelic drugs should be reclassified as “a matter of urgency” to support clinical research into medical and therapeutic treatment.

 They recommend that Rishi Sunak’s government downgrades the class A psychedelic drugs from Schedule 1 to schedule 2 so academics can test the “therapeutic value” more easily.

The Scottish government has been pressing for a so-called safe consumption facility to be set up, with efforts on this having so far been blocked by Westminster.

But the home affairs committee recommended that a pilot in Glasgow is supported by Westminster and jointly funded by both governments.

If Rishi Sunak’s government remains unwilling to support the pilot, the power to establish it should be devolved to the Scottish government, the committee said.

The committee backed greater provision of cannabis-based products for medicinal use – though it stopped short of saying cannabis should be legalised or regulated for non-medical use.

The cross-party group of MPs also concluded recommended the use of safe spaces across the UK for users to take heroin and other substances in “consumption rooms” under medical supervision – along with greater testing at festivals to help prevent overdose.

Boris Johnson agreed to reschedule psilocybin and other psychedelic drug substances in order to allow research into them in May 2021, However, nothing has changed since.

Author: PsyNurse

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