Who is James Fadiman

Dr James Fadiman (born May 27, 1939) is an American writer known for his research on microdosing.

5-8 Min.

Microdosing is when a person takes a small amount of a hallucinogenic substance seeking a positive effect on the mind without a psychedelic experience. Although experts vary in what constitutes a microdose, most believe it is ten to twenty percent of the dose that delivers a psychoactive response. In general terms, a microdose is a fraction of a psychedelic substance so small that it does not significantly alter consciousness.

He co-founded the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

He has been researching, writing and lecturing on the topic for more than fifty years. His research focuses on exploring the potential of psychedelics to help individuals achieve a more meaningful, balanced and enlightened life. He has written numerous books on the topic, such as The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide and Your Symphony Of Selves, and is widely considered to be one of the most influential figures in the field.

The Fadiman protocol:

Step 1. Obtain the substance you wish to microdose. Ketamine is legal if you work with a certified health professional. Medicinal marijuana is legal in most states with a prescription, and recreational marijuana is legal in some states. Some shops may carry legal microdose supplements.

Step 2. Take the first dose. The Fadiman protocol urges beginners to start the protocol on a day with no significant obligations scheduled and no children who need your supervision. Dr. Fadiman considers a standard microdose to be one/tenth (10 micrograms) of a full dose. If you’re working with a microdosing specialist, they will help you determine your best starting dose.

Step 3. Relax and observe the experience. Pay attention to how you feel physically and emotionally – are the feelings meeting your expectations? Start a journal to track your microdosing experience, noting as much detail as possible and how long the effects last. These details will be vital in identifying the optimal dose that meets your goal. The results may vary according to the substance used.

Step 4. Adjust the dose if necessary. If the first microdosing experience gave you the desired results, that might be the best dose. If the results fall short or you experience unwanted side effects, you will want to adjust the amount up or down. Again, if you’re working with a microdosing professional, they will help you determine the best dose for your next experience.

Step 5. Once you determine the dose that fits your needs, proceed with regular use. To avoid building up a tolerance to your dose, which decreases effectiveness, Dr. Fadiman recommends a regimen of one day on and two days off. This approach means you take a dose on day 1, no dose on day 2, but note if you are experiencing after-effects from the previous day, no dose on day 3, then a dose on day 4.

The Fadiman protocol suggests continuing the cycle of one day on, two days off for four to ten weeks, then abstaining from the drug for two to four weeks before resuming the process, especially for high-dose psychedelic experimentation.

Although he recommends this cycle for high-dose and microdosing, Fadiman believes it is safe to microdose every day without taking regular breaks.

If you opt to experiment, Dr. Fadiman offers the following guidelines, noted in his book The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide: Safe, Therapeutic, and Sacred Journeys, suggesting you microdose:

  • Daily for general cognitive enhancement.
  • Every other day for psychological management of anxiety, depression, and PTSD.
  • Every weekday, abstaining on weekends for business and professional work-life enhancement.

Results vary for each individual. Feedback gathered from Dr. Fadiman and others suggests that thousands of people believe microdosing has transformed their lives by relieving anxiety, depression, and other mood or trauma-related disorders, enabling them to move forward in a positive, productive manner.

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